Introduction to School Bullying

Universal Module  
Summary: This module is designed to offer a general knowledge about the issue of bullying. It is available for every group of learners and it has also suggestions for supplementary material.
Clock hours of reading:


Total: min 5hours

1 ½ hours: Presentation of Universal Module

30’ : Multiple choice test

min 3hours: Self-study of additional material

Learning outcomes:



The user will in studying this module:

  • Be able to give a definition of bullying
  • Be able to list and recognize the different types of bullying
  • Understand the varying types of bullying behavior
  • Understand the effects of bullying
  • Be able to name the prime areas where bullying occurs
  • Understand why people bully others
  • Be able to describe all the roles a student might take in a bullying incident
  • Be able to discuss the most common misconceptions about bullying
  • Understand the importance of supporting victims
  • Be able to use best practices in supporting victims


  1. What is Bullying?
  2. Types of Bullying
  3. Effects of Bullying
  4. Warning Signs
  5. Where does Bullying Occur?
  6. Why do people Bully?
  7. Student roles
  8. Misconceptions – Normalisation of Behaviour
  9. The importance of supporting/how to support victims
Suggested Training Resources and Additional Materials:


Training Resources:

  • Educational Material Universal Module
  • O1 Report on skills and competences dealing with bullying   

Additional Material: