Teachers’ Module  
Summary: This module is designed to offer a specified knowledge about the issue of bullying from a teacher’s perspective. It is suggested for the school teachers.
Clock hours of reading: 1 hour: Presentation of Teachers Module
Learning objectives:



The user will in studying this module….

  • understand and be able to describe to others what a whole school community approach to bullying is and why it is effective
  • be able to define and describe to others what constitutes a positive school ethos
  • be able to outline how to enable parents to work at home as part of the whole school community approach, and suggest events to facilitate it
  • have an overview of Curricular; Student Peer Method; Co-operative Group Work; and Restorative strategies, and be able to articulate why each type is important/useful
  • be able to outline the relationship between discipline and indiscipline, and explain same to others
  • have an understanding of the key role parents have in the whole school community approach and addressing bullying, and be able to give examples to staff
  • Understand the importance of the development of a standardized reporting form to be deployed across all training domains for use by all actors, and be able to give examples of the salient elements of these forms


  1. Understanding a Whole School Community Approach  – Creating a Positive School Ethos
  2. Working with parents
  3. Conflict, discipline, Indiscipline and Disruption
  4. Preventative & Intervention Strategies
  5. Reporting and Recording Incidents
Suggested Training Resources and Additional Materials:


Training Resources:

  • Educational Material Teachers Module
  • O2 –A2 Identification of training domains and approaches

Additional Material:

  • School Climate & Culture – Vermont State Agency of Education http://education.vermont.gov/safe-schools
  • Linsin, M. (2011) How To Talk To Parents About Their Misbehaving Child. Smart Classroom Management. http://www.smartclassroommanagement.com/2011/06/04/how-to-talk-to-parents-about-their-misbehaving-child/
  • Ortega,R., del Rey,R., Ortega-Rivera,J. and Monks,C. (2006) Dealing With Indiscipline and Disruption. In VISTA: A Whole School Approach (WSA) http://www.vista-europe.org/downloads/English/B6f.pdf
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