External Community Module  
Summary: This module is designed to offer a specified knowledge about the issue of bullying from external community’s perspective.
Clock hours of reading:  30’  hour: Presentation of External Community’s Module
Learning outcomes:



The user will in studying this module….

  • understand and be able to describe to others what a whole school community approach to bullying is and why it is effective
  • understand and be able to discuss with others what and who should be involved in a whole school community approach
  • understand, and be able to explain the importance of a clear, effective reporting and recording procedure in encouraging students to report bullying, and highlighting growing risk areas
Outline: 1.      Understanding a Whole School Community Approach

2.      Reporting and Recording Incidents

Suggested Training Resources and Additional Materials: Training resource:

  • Educational Material External Community Module

Additional Material:

  • O2 –A2 Identification of training domains and approaches