Trainers Module  
Summary: This module is designed to offer a comprehensive knowledge about the issue of bullying specified in core users’ needs. It is available for core users’ group and it has also suggestions for supplementary material.
Clock hours of reading:


Total: min 5hours

2 hours: Presentation of Trainers Module

30’ : Multiple choice test

min 3hours: Self-study of additional material

Learning outcomes:



The user will in studying this module….

  • understand and be able to describe to others what a whole school community approach to bullying is and why it is effective
  • be able to define and describe to others what constitutes a positive school ethos
  • understand and be able to list who the whole school policy and its strategies should serve
  • be able to outline the necessary steps involved in an audit to others
  • be able to outline how to enable parents to work at home as part of the whole school community approach, and suggest events to facilitate it
  • have an overview of Curricular; Student Peer Method; Co-operative Group Work; and Restorative strategies, and be able to articulate why each type is important/useful
  • Understand, and be able to explain the importance of a clear, effective reporting and recording procedure in encouraging students to report bullying, and highlighting growing risk areas


  1. Understanding a Whole School Community Approach  – Creating a Positive School Ethos
  2. The importance of Whole School Policy
  3. Legal Responsibilities of Schools – Ethical Issues and Children’s Rights
  4. Managing and Evaluating Change
  5. Working with Teachers
  6. Working with Parents
  7. Conflict, discipline, Indiscipline and Disruption
  8. Preventative & Intervention Strategies
  9. Reporting and Recording Incidents
Suggested Training Resources and Additional Materials:


Training Resources:

  • Educational Material Trainers Module
  • O2 –A2 Identification of training domains and approaches

Additional Material: